In this summary we invite you to know the history of our country , through the various periods of its development, its beginnings, political, social and cultural factors that shaped the Costa Rican idiosyncrasy .

 Year 1500 A.D. – 1570 A.D.

In the sixteenth century the chieftainship of Nicoya was the largest in the North Pacific.
Differences among indigenous groups in different areas : architectural, elliptical rectangular ranch predominated in the North Pacific and circulate in the Central Valley on the other hand , the typical buildings in the Atlantic and South Pacific were the arena .
The North Pacific Costa Rica distinguished himself in the sixteenth century by specific ceremonial practice : human sacrifice.

Year 1502 – 1570

Spanish Conquest of Costa Rica . Arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1502 to the Caribbean .
Decreases Aboriginal people.

Year 1570 – 1750

Between 1576 and 1636 , the springs were fitted and Moin Matina .
Cocoa was the main export of Costa Rica .
In the eighteenth century begins to populate the Central Valley , the fertile fields of San José , Alajuela and Cartago .

Year 1750 – 1850

Expansion begins peasants product . Farmers were colonizing the lands of Carthage and West Central Valley .
He founded the cities of Heredia ( 1706 ), San Jose ( 1736 ) and San Jose ( 1782 ) .
Independence of Costa Rica in 1821 .
In 1824 is created in San José La Casa de La Moneda.
San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica in 1823.
Annexation of Nicoya to Costa Rica in 1824.
Expansion coffee in the Central Valley from 1830 .
Arrival of the first printing press in the country in 1830.
Coffee Exports to Chile 1832 and then to Great Britain in 1843.
Costa Rica became a Republic in the year 1848 .

Year 1850 – 1890

Coffee spread Cartago , Heredia and Alajuela.
Agricultural colonization replaced the forest for crops and pasture fields .
Is in Our Lady of the Angels as the Patroness of Costa Rica in 1824.
Battle of Santa Rosa ( March 20, 1856 ) and Rivas ( April 11, 1856 ) .
Rise of the first banana plantations following the construction of the railway to the Atlantic in 1870 and 1890.
Creation of the National Theatre in 1897 c .
A large majority of Costa Ricans could read and write .

Year 1930 – 1950

Costa Rica ‘s economy was based on agricultural exports .
It creates the University of Costa Rica in 1940 .
It creates the Social Security Fund in 1941.
Social Guarantees are created ( 1942) and the Labour Code ( 1943 ) .
Home of the Civil War in 1948.
It creates the Constitution of Costa Rica in 1949.

Year 1950 – 2000

In 1950 Bernarda Vásquez Méndez , becomes the first woman to hold the secret ballot in Costa Rica .
President Oscar Arias Sanchez was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in the year 1987.
Initiated efforts to protect the country’s biodiversity , this will create different Conservation Areas and Protected Areas.
In 1985 began increasing tourist arrivals to the country.
Tourism became the principal foreign exchange earner for the country.