About our Travel Agency


Mapache Tours is a destination management company that began in 1994. With nearly 20 years experience in ecotourism in Costa Rica and in the last eight years with representation in Panama and Nicaragua, our agency has a platform 12 operative workers, care agencies and assisted clients computer system Tour Plan, Contract and Tourism Declaration issued by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute, sustainability certification, liability policies and are affiliated with several cameras and tourism organizations in the country.

We specialize in eco-tourism with extensive experience in markets such as German, Spanish and American-Canadian. Our traveler profile is quite broad, ranging from clients that require a journey with the finest personalized care and the best, customers who like to make their own itinerary and hire our Open Voucher program, to experts who do not mind adventures make a multi-day trek through the heart of Corcovado National Park through forests, rivers and mountains.


  • A team with extensive knowledge of the entire country.
  • Professional guides certified by ICT experts in bird conservation and relationships.
  • Experience correspondents recognized as European and U.S. agencies, synonymous with seriousness and responsibility.
  • Broad coverage through partners strictly selected for their professionalism in hospitality, transportation, food and tours.


  • Routes to measure.
  • Honeymoon Packages.
  • Programs for families.
  • One day tours anywhere in Costa Rica.
  • Groups with specific interests (Birdwatching, Botanical, Photography, yoga).
  • Groups of business incentives.
  • Luxury tourism.
  • Programs relaxation, spas and hot springs
  • Rent of vehicles.
  • Collective transportation, door to door.
  • Private Transportation.
  • Regular local or private flights.
  • Packages to multi destinations with Panama and Nicaragua.
  • Adventure and Trekking Packages

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