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When you enter in Costa Rica, for many years the airport time was frustratingly slow because (Among others) of the long lines that the declaration of goods used to take.

enter in Costa RicaNot anymore! Learn here about the change! 

Now it’s easier to enter Costa Rica by eliminating the paperwork of most travelers. Those who are coming with only standard baggage can do so without having to sign any declaration. 

Those who enter in Costa Rica carrying large amounts of cash, products of animal or vegetable source, and/or items to trade, and those who want to use an exemption must fill out the form. 

According to the plan behind this change, it would only be few people, and this will move the lines faster.

This change was established on June 28th, 2019. The obligation was changed through circular DGA-CIR-015-2019 issued by the Customs General Directorate. This change affects ports, airports, and land border posts.

Aside from facilitating the process and wait times of those  Costa Ricans and tourists that enter Costa Rica without anything to declare, it also concedes the authorities to concentrate on the inspections on those who must report.


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