100 hotels where you can choose all over the country!

If you are one of those people who like to make changes on their route while you are going to some place and you notice that there is another point that you would like to stay longer in some hotel that you liked,  in the Arenal  Volcano there are  many activities and tours that you can make and you need some extra days to enjoy the place better…, the open voucher program is a safe, affordable and new alternative to travel around Costa Rica.

The tourists have the possibility to create unlimited itineraries and explore the beauties in Costa Rica without depending on a programmed schedule.

¿How does it works?

  • Open voucher: you can buy it according to the number of nights you are going to spend in Costa Rica, or the nights that are required with a minimum of 7 nights.
  • At the time of your arrival to Costa Rica, we will welcome you in the airport and pick you up to drive you to your hotel in San José.
  • The first night in San José will be previously reserved according to your choice from San Jose’s list. (Attached to availability)(depending of your arrival time you can start the program the same day).
  • The rented vehicle will be delivered in the morning the second day of your trip in the hotel in San José. (or at your arrival if you start the program same day).
  • The vehicle can be returned (in the hotel or the company´s office in San José or in the airport´s office). You can return the vehicle in a different place but you might pay an additional charge depending on the place. If you decide to return the vehicle in the office in the city or in the hotel in San José, the transfer to the airport is not included.
  • Required documents: valid driver´s license, an international credit card (VISA/Master/ AMEX) with enough funds to cover a safety deposit. **debit cards and cash are not accepted.
  • Minimum age to rent a car: 21 years old.
  • Additional insurance can be hired the day you get your vehicle or with anticipation, consult for prices.
  • Mobile phones: are available through leasing companies of vehicles – you have to ask for one with anticipation are they are attached to availability and a security deposit is required.
  • GPS: (global localization system) available for a daily additional cost, through leasing companies of vehicles with a security deposit.
  • This program could be supplemented with some of the tours to Tortuguero, picking up the vehicle in Guápiles without going back to San José and without an additional cost. The open voucher starts from that night.
  • Availability of rooms in the hotel. When you ask for availability of rooms in the hotel you chose, you have to introduce yourself as a participant of the open voucher package of Mapache tours.
  • The voucher includes the client´s name, the date you are going to stay in the hotel and the type of room (single, double, or triple). The expired or not used voucher is not refundable.
  • The availability of rooms in the hotels that are participating is not guaranteed. It’s recommended to verify the availability 24 hours before of your arrival to the hotel or the same day of your arrival.
  • Previous reservations are not possible inside the open voucher program. (With an exception on the first night in the hotel in San José).


You can choose between small off road vehicles such as Suzuki Jimny or Daihatsu Bego for one or two passengers or a vehicle with a maximum of 3 passengers.  4×4 vehicles of 4 passengers such as the Hyundai Tucson or the Suzuki Gran Vitara, and powerful 4×4 vehicles for 5 or 6 passengers such as the Toyota Fortuner or the Mitsubishi Montero.

All the vehicles are delivered with the obligatory insurance and you can choose for total coverage insurance in case of an accident, robbery or damage. You can chose between : Dahiatsu Bego, Suzuki Jimny, Suzuki Vitara, Hyundai Tucson, Mitsubishi Montero and Toyota Fortuner.




All the participant hotels and lodges in the open voucher program are located in areas of touristic interest and offer the possibility to book numerous excursions. There are hotels with 3 or 4 stars, clean rooms, comfortable with refreshing pools. In most of the hotels the breakfast is included.


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