El Trapiche (Sugar Mill)- Cloud Forest Reserve

Monteverde, North Zone

El Trapiche Tour begins with a tour around the farm which may have an opportunity to observe the different plantations located there in, besides crossing a small patch of forest where occasionally wildlife can be found.

During the tour of the farm there are plantations of bananas, plantains, arracache, macadamia, oranges, cocoa, sugar cane and coffee. In the span of the walk around the farm, we explain the process involved in sugarcane, coffee and cocoa cultivation, natural history and also the opportunity to taste the product and its derivatives.

To finish the tour of the plantation, you’re invited to make a short trip in a oxen cart (not obligatory) then it will show the “guaro“process (cane liquor), typical trapiches (sugar cane mills with oxen), artisanal sugar cane candy, caramel, and the opportunity to taste a “gallo de arracache” chopped with an exquisite cup of coffee, lemonade or water.

 Tours Hours: 

10.00am (pick-up time depends on the hotel locations)

3.00pm (pick-up time depends on the hotel locations)


2 Hours.

What to Bring:

Sunscreen, camera,repellent

Tour Includes:

Transportation, bilingual guides, ponchos and snacks

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