Santa Elena Cloud Forest Biological Reserve – Daily Tour

Monteverde, North Zone

This reserve has a great biodiversity and is of great importance to the Monteverde area.

It is located at the Tilarán range. It was founded in 1992. Among the 310 hectares in the Cloud Forest of Santa Elena, the springs of Chiquito and Caño Negro rivers, which form along the Aguas Gatas great percentage of the water that feeds the hydroelectric Arenal.

Managed by the Board of Directors of the Public School of Santa Elena and a percentage of the money raised goes to the education of youth in the community.

The road to Monteverde Biological Cloud Forest Reserve is a half paved and in good condition and the other half unpaved (a vehicle equipped with four-wheel drive is recommended but not required).


Entrance fee, bilingual guide, transportation for each booking.

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