General Sustainability Policies

  1. We express our commitment to protect the natural environment and cultural heritage of the country and our región.
  2. We are commited to do everything within our possibilities to protect the biodiversity, protected areas, and the landscape of Costa Rica.
  3. We are dedicated to following all international, national, and local legislation regarding the operating of our company.
  4. We express our interest in communicating our commitments, goals, and acheivements in sustainable tourism practices.
  5. In this company, we will not adquire, use,or sell products or substances which have environmental or social contradictions. Additionally, we promote theuse of biodegradable cleaning products, free of phosphates and corrosive components.
  6. Mapache Tours is commited to avoid and report the removal or captivity of animal and wild plant species, by our service providers.
  7. The Mapache Tours company is steadily commited to respect all legislation and regulations that ASP (Protected Areas) have in their Plan of Control. In respect to the regulation of capacity; our company will control our impact, through reservations, and will make available for public use, the registration of documents of all areas visited by this tour operator, as well as provide this information to our internal and external clients.
  8. We will properly care for all waste produced in our tours, and insure its proper finaldisposal.
  9. Our tour operator will organize periodic inspections of our vehicular units, which are maintained in perfect condition, at the same time watch for any fluid waste which may affect nature. In addition, we will promote reasonable usage and safety of operational products (gasoline, diesel, lubricants, etc.). We express our dedication to better use informatics systems, and the reusage of paper in our offices.
  10. We encourage in every posible way equality of opportunities without discrimination of any kind and will discourage any type of sexual business or exploitation as well any drug related business.
  11. We express our commitment to respect the integrity of the local culture and social institutions.
  12. We incorporate an adequate interpretation of archeological, natural, and cultural attractions in the sites we visit.
  13. We desire to cooperate with the communities and their people, insuring that the are benefitted by our clients visit, and at the same time, we encourage the our clients respect the local way of life.
  14. We actively work with all local and national parties interested in promoting and practicing sustainable tourism.
  15. We avoid and will report the commerialization of any pieces of archeological or cultral heritage.
  16. Our company is dedicated to encouraging among our coworkers, that each should cultivate, respect, and practice the values and beliefs that stregnthen our Costa Rican idiosyncrasy.