• This eco-friendly environment is one of the most remote destinations in Costa Rica.
  • Best known as the favorite nesting spot for the Green Sea Turtle.
  • Also home to many other wildlife species like sloths, crocodiles, jaguars, manatees, and monkeys.
  • Unique small town with Caribbean vibe.

In the Atlantic region of Costa Rica, we find Tortuguero. This area is renowned worldwide due to its exceptional biodiversity, its channels, its beaches, and its lakes, in addition to being the primary nesting location for the Leatherback Turtle from February to May and of the Green Sea Turtle from July to October. It is also often called the “Amazons of Costa Rica”.

Most of the areas hotels work on an All-Inclusive system, where the stay includes lodging, meals, and transportation, departing from San Jose.

This vary rural area is only accessible by boat or plane as there are no roads due to the canals and mangroves. Some of the wildlife you can expect to observe include green macaws, tapirs, jaguars, frogs, and countless species of birds and plants.

The main attractions include boat tours through the channel and turtle nesting observation tours. (in season).

Some of the areas best hotels are: Mawamba Lodge, Tortuga Lodge, Manatus Lodge, Laguna Lodge, Pachira Lodge, and others.

Packing recommendations:

Shorts, t-shirts, swimwear, towel, light sweater, sunscreen, umbrella, rain poncho, binoculars, and camera, dark clothing and flashlight with red filter or cellophane paper (in nesting season).

Costa Rica: Natural & Luxury

Costa Rica: Natural & Luxury

$2025.00 p.p
Arenal & La Fortuna, Papagayo, San José, Tortuguero
8 day
Escape to Paradise

Escape to Paradise

$715.00 p.p
Arenal & La Fortuna, San José, Tortuguero
7 day
In the Heart of Tropical Costa Rica

In the Heart of Tropical Costa Rica

$1466.00 p.p
Arenal & La Fortuna, Corcovado, Tortuguero
9 day